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Exclude child categories from category listing in WordPress

Add this before the Loop in archive.php: Found on wordpress.org/support

Rebranding Kalashnikov: would you?


Christmas e-card

The future of Gmail

Google is bringing out a new email product: Google Inbox. It’s going to be a cross between email and task manager.

PC friendly Mac OS zip compression via the Terminal

If you work with systems that can’t ignore Mac OS File System meta data…

Fix overflow:hidden on div with display:table …

…one work-around is to add an extra containing div and set overflow:hidden on that. (Found when using display:table and display:table-cell; to vertically centre content of unknown height.)

Box model headaches a thing of the past?

There ain’t no fool like an old-school-fool.

Prevent line breaks on a forward slash

Need to prevent “£/$/€1,000,000!!!” or similar breaking over two lines at the forward slashes? CSS word-break, word-wrap, white-space not working for you?

On migrating and merging WordPress

Few things to note on the process of bringing this site to life…

Recruitment site

Internal design blog

Casino client

Registration page

Interactive landing page

New website design for Italian market

FIMA 2014

Marketing promos

Screenshots for App Store

Blog proposal

Simple hack of default WordPress theme (TwentyFourteen).

Mac OS Apache ownership fix

Because the Apache user on a Mac OS X box is called “_www” not the more Linux-common “apache”…

Landing page

More RegEx renaming in Adobe Bridge

Two more examples of Bridge renaming using Regular Expressions… 1. Use brackets around your RegEx search in Find to set a group which can be backreferenced in Replace: Current name: foo-tla-bar.jpg Find: (foo)(-.{3}-)(-bar) Replace: $1newstring$3 Result: foo-newstring-bar.jpg 2. find “yyyy-mm-“:… Continue Reading →

Casino app homepage proposals


Harpy birthday Langers

Responsive landing pages

TV ad tie-in mobile-only landing page

Behind-the-scenes video

FIMA 2013

Offline mailer

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