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Using GIT to manage a website…

Nice little write-up on pushing your local GIT repo to a live web site:

Magazine framework in Javascript Incredible, clever, simple looking demo:

MySQL Command Line stopped working in Mac OS 10.6?

Do what this guy says and add <tt>/usr/local/mysql/bin</tt> back into your paths file

Turn a text list into an HTML Select Option list with PHP

Easy solution to this basic HTML coding need posted over at Stack Overflow by a random clever bloke. Thanks RCB. My only issue was with UTF-8 characters coming through garbled. Bodged a workaround using this encode entities plug-in for Dreamweaver.

Zooming weirdness in Mac Photoshop CS5?

This is one of those stoopid things you trip over every now and then. Ever since I started with the CS5 upgrade Photoshop wouldn’t allow me to use a zoom marquee… instead it does a strange thing called “scrubby zoom“…. Continue Reading →

I love the smell of Napalm in a teacup

What? Your friend and mine [Google] says an acquaintance [Microsoft] has been copying their search results in order to get curried flavour [surely carry favour]. More details on the BBC and at a web-nag near you… Hohoho. Oh dear.

Weird line-height in Chrome?

Specifying line-height on an <a> in a <li> will not work in your webkit based browsers. Line-height needs to be set on the containing <li> to work at all in Chrome or consistently in Firefox. Now you know.

The IE9 hate starts here…

Made me grin/grimace…. A piece on how retarded Microsoft’s latest incarnation of Internet Explorer may turn out to be, despite the hype: Oh dear.

WordPress jQuery conflict solved

After several hours of thinking I’m being a idiot (happens occasionally) I discovered that sometimes you’ll need to call before any jQuery scripts (or concatenated scripts in my case). It’s been hours and I couldn’t figure out why none of… Continue Reading →

Monday lunch feeding on RSS

Many thanks Mr Mullenweg. Now I know TopGear have moved to WordPress and have some more homework to do re 2008’s design trends. And Mr Stobist — thanks for introducing me to the work of a great modern photographer (modern with a small M)… Continue Reading →

iPod running scared…

Not really. Currently there’s stuff all over the place about the bad closed Apple. I am sympathetic. Mmm. I wish for more interoperability in my iPod. And features too. To be able to sync one iPod with laptop AND desktop…. Continue Reading →

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